The Initiation

The first book of the series of Tinay the warrior Princess

Mani, a Canadian librarian, tells of how, many years ago, the people of Atlantis were forced to leave the earth to establish a colony in space to escape annihilation.

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The Apprentice

Help empower individuals on their spiritual path

Tinay is now a fifteen-year-old girl and is starting her apprenticeship as an artist on the Atlantis survivor colony planet Os.

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NEW BOOK by Sonya Roy

I Dragon

Biobraphy of a Spiritual Transformation is a helpful book to help you understand your subconscious mind and helps you understand your patterns and how to self correct them!

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The 13th c hakra system of ancient Egypt

This handbook is a helpful tool to bring you back to health with natural, easy to follow methods, get your healthy body back today!

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Welcome to Tinay's Website

WE are rebuilding this entire site. with new materials to go along with the new book :The Artist. the third installment in the series

The new website is filled with drawing that I made over the past 2 years. The site also contains images that my brother André ROY took in his travels. He's got an amzing eye and I am proud to display some of his work here. So , a BIG thank you to you my brother!! The books will be available in stores or through your favorite web shopping channel such as Amazon. The book is presently being designed and painted and will posted soon, meanwhile you can enjoy learning more about the book and have a look at pictures that inspired some scenes in the book.

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Book #3 : The Seeker

Book #4 : The Artist

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