Graphics, designs and more...

Graphics, designs and ideas!

Here you will find what gets me creative, sometimes when I need a breack from writing I get my pencil's out and I draw the characters, the games I invent and the sketch for future book cover. If you click on the image, you will be able to view the image larger size...

The apprentice

The original sketch of book #2, The apprentice

The Seeker

The sketch book cover for the Seeker book #3

The Artist


The sketch book cover for the Artist book #4.

The Dream


A possible book cover for the last book #7.


TINAY 14yrs old, this is how I first imagine Tinay and what she would look like, making some notes as I went.

Tinay, all grown up

TINAY the Warrior Princess, this is another sketch in preparation for a painting that will match what I have envision for Mani story room.

The fairies

The FAIRIES SKETCH, I love to doodle when I get tired or when I am working out the next chapter. These ladies will eventually make their way into the books.

Manyr, spirit form

MANYR , the Matriarch who comes to help Tinay during her initiation. I tried to picture what she would look like as a spirit.

The others

I sketched some of the other characters to help me build them and remember who they all are. Before we got to know each other, it was really crowded in there and it was hard to keep track of ev everyone!

The dancer, the idea

THE DANCER, she's one of the painting that Mani has hanging in her story room, i am planning to actually paint her when I can find the time. For now, I just work off the sketches.

The dancer, final version

The final drawing of the dancer that would be become part of the collection in Mani's library

OS Sport development

details of the aquatic sport from Os.

Ideas of Os sport

The aquatic sport played on OS