Atlantian Characters

Atlantian Characters

Here you will find all Atlantian Characters from the first book and eventually everyone mentionned in the 7 books. Once you made your choice, you will find some biographical information, simply click on a picture and get started.


TINAY, The Main character of the story, Tinay is beautiful and strong, yet delicate. She was born in the 40,000 year of our Lord Atlanti, who first invented the calendar. She was born to a miner by the name of Tamael and an artisan mother named Lilay. They lived on a planet called Sasgorg. She grew up quickly to become an intelligent and perspicacious child who loved to play strategy games with her father and challenged her mother to enigmas and puzzles. She developed an intuitive sense that helped her to take things apart and discover how they worked. She learned most of what she knew about plants and herbs and their medicinal qualities from the books her mother wrote. Tinay grew up alone with her pet ferret, Draco and her brother Raphael. She meditated on mount Zuel each morning she was an incredible teacher who was exceptionally gifted. She is being initiated as an artisan. Her favorite color is green, She turns 15 in Book 1.


RAPHAEL, He is Tinay 7 yrs old brother who was born the 30th day of Mars of the Atlanti calendar. He's honest and frank to a fault. He will be left behind as an apprentice on Essay to become a farmer. He will learn new skills his father had to negotiate his legal entry into the Farmer strata. Raphael had a gift to see the aura of people, a rare gift which helped to see strong emotions in people. Encouraged by his father to train in defensive arts such as hand to hand combat, knives, he also developed the art of suturing. On Sasgorg He learnt to guide himself with the stars at night, so he would not get lost in the sand desert. Tinay was his original guide through their daily meditation but his dead grandfather has now taken over.


LILAY a.k.a. Alilayria, Is the mother of Tinay, she's a very prodigious artisan who worked the rock in every spare minute she had to make it the most carvings of exotic birds and animals. She is pregnant with her third child. She had the ability to protect herself from anyone intruding her thoughts, dreams or meditative state and even inflict pain if someone tried. Although she is not a healer she is able to soothe her husband pain. They had fallen in love after he had seen her play music. She was the keeper of time, the teller of stories. She wrote books and repeated history, but it was never been her place to make it. She could use simple concept on medicine but did not have the ability to go well beyond that on her own. She was a teacher.


TAMAEL, Is Tinay's father. He was a tall man always a peaceful look on his face, his balance never wavering. He was able to achieve a deep meditative state in an instant. He loved his family but raised them under rigid discipline and constant training. He had lived in isolation for the past 20 years on Sasgorg where he mined the Alenor Crystal. He was a Meji with incredible talent at any of the defensive art but especially unbeatable with knives and swords. He took part in the Alliance and was known as the great Jim Smith of the famous pirates of Mitiryl. At 47 yrs old, Tamael was commanding and certain of himself, a brave man who was now fated to hide in plain view as a jewelry maker on Kyr, entertaining guest with his guitar. He had the ability to read minds and enter dreams, manipulate them. As one of the original order of Nazar he wore the traditional seven tattoos over his back. The biggest was of a unicorn swimming out of a mist at was in the center of his back. Lord Tamael of the order of Nazaar, born to the house of Pegasus


The brand new baby.

Amos Family


AMOS, Amos is a very large man who likes to laugh and make merry. He liked to dress in original garments that he made and sold from his store. He owns the island Isifilmos situated in the meridional southern forest surrounded by trees his wife needs to make her tapas. His wife now works out of the Island and seldom comes to town. He has the ability to intrude on a person's thought and use it to manipulate them. Just like Tamael he is part of the resistance and hides under a weighted fat suit so he can easily become lord Miguel by the famous pirates of Mitiryl. Lord Amos of the Order of Nazaar, born to the house of Okapi.


ROMANICHEL, Amos' wife is a happy woman who had curly red hair that fell down her back. She usually wore a white blouse that exposed her shoulders, a wide green skirt that fell to her knees with a shawl wrapped around her waist and draped around her hips. She finished her look with a cape protected her from the windy sea. She usually wore a series of ankle and wrists bracelets that made her tinkled as she walked and danced. Her baby was born 4 weeks ago. She is an artisan who makes tapas, a tapestry made in a collection of geometric forms all lined up with one another consisting of four different colors. She created a process to soften most barks growing on our island so her tapas are multi-colored, and she is very creative in attaching different pieces together. Her art is greatly appreciated and regularly displayed at her home and her husband's store.

Merdaine's Family


MERDAINE a.k.a. Merdainesar of the order of Kanilan, He is Raphael new mentor. He will teach Raphael about farming the land and caring for animals He was the size of a giant, all muscle and wore a silly straw hat on his bald head and preferred to go without a shirt. He is a member of the resistance and he has the ability to read minds. He's a master archer. Lord Merdaine of the order of Nazaar, born to the house of Gryphon.


GISELLE, Merdaine's wife, a short woman with flame-red hair, wore glasses and had a voluptuous bosom even though she was a bit skinny and a very hard worker. The 27 yrs old daughter of a miner met her husband at the market on Os and it was love at first sight. Merdaine tends to be protective and at times yells or lacks patience but she loved him with all her heart. Although she's not directly involved with the alliance like her husband, she found it hard to relegate her beliefs to the dungeon when what the world needed most was conviction in the old ways and be quiet about it


ELAINE, Merdaine's daughter, 4 yrs old ( 6 yrs earth), loves to ride horse. She was born on the solstice of the sun in the spring.

Ohuru's Family


OHURU, He owns and controls the space ship Armada. He is the best mechanic-space-flyer-inventor if the ship needed a new part, Ohuru would repair it or, more often, create it. Ohuru was tall and very thin. His face was long and his features seemed a bit out of proportion. He had a long thin chin, a large nose that covered two thirds of his face and long skinny ears. His eyes were large and protruded from his face. He had very little hair on the top of his head. Despite his strange features, he looked friendly and amicable. It made his isolation and deep space assignment the more difficult. Ohuru had a peculiar life style of sleeping only 5 hours a night, always went around whistling bird calls and he could not cook even if his life depended on it. He had the responsibility of training some recruits, but his main loyalties were sworn to Tamael's family. He had discovered the properties of the arcanium metal. Lord Ohuru of the order of Nazaar, born to the house of Pegasus.


MIRALOS, WIDOW of Falafel, She has six kids, pleasurable, funny, and beautiful.


Eleonos, The youngest daughter of Myralos.


Akanel, widow's son.


Achiryel, the 15 yrears daughter of Myralos..


Paurencel, The eldest daughter of Myralos, she's 23 years old.


Master Arkemos, Merchant who negociate large contracts on KYR. He is also Ohuru's father.

The Resistance


ALZABAR, Alzabar is the father of Lilay; Alzabar is Raphael's protector and mentor so he can advance in spiritual and psychic matters. He protected Raphael from any intrusion on his meditation Alzabar was a grand man who permeated respect and strength. Raph refers to him as his imaginary friend Aznel


ANAEL, A short, fat muscular man, strong as an ox, and very impatient.


ATLEOS, Atleos, a 20yrs old merchant, who had been raised on the far away moon by an old man. Atleos never knew his real father. He had been adopted and raised in the ancient ways, he had joined the resistance on the insistence of the old man, the elders had given him the training of a guard and recently assigned him a mission. He disguised himself as a merchant to travel easily from one planet to another to find a healer that produces an antidote to a powerful poison. He was trained at the school of the merchants on Anarbel on the system of the three moons of Marion, where he was taught the ways of barter and exchange to facilitate his hiding and reaffirm his position in this role. As a young merchant he was still is lean, muscular and resilient. Atleos had just recently traveling into space. He was using his merchant's license to begin his work for Amos. He travels with one of the guests from the ascending ceremony of Xinayra and Aznebar who is held in a cryogenic stasis. Although remotely associated with the resistance, if he succeeds he will play an important role in re-establishing the balance in the Order. The poison is so effective it has not been changed in the last twenty-seven years.


BEN a.k.a. Aznebar, After being poisoned by Paletis, he survived by being placed in a sarcophagus, He was frozen in the early stage of the poison and, therefore, he is relatively healthy. But he would die if he was released from his slumber. A cure for him and others is urgently required, if awaken from their sarcophaguses they could join the resistance.


CARTEL, Member of the Alliance and a friend of Tamael


CRETION,The Magistrar on Essay who oversees the administration of the law and will investigate the claims that Elaine is a Healer. Member of the Alliance and a friend of Tamael


ELLIOT, Member of the Alliance and a friend of Tamael


ILSIMAR, The best at hand-to-hand defense combat Ilismar's strength was as well known to the Order as the oak which stays in the ground. He was awarded the beautiful ore statue of a sphinx.


ISABELLA, The graceful daughter of Margos , won the knife throw competition for agility and aim at the gathering. Defying tradition to learn the use of weapon in the hope of surprising Paletis and defeat her. A few of her friends have also been trained and infiltrate the palace as maid and servants. When the resistance is ready to attack, they will be used as informants and soldiers


ISSAR, A tall man, ten years younger than Tamael, who competes in the sword competition.


Kaplara from the Order of the Blue Eagle, She's 77 years old.


LORD ANDEMAR, One of the great priest, He is past a hundred and, yet, Tamael still fears the man if he had a sword in his hand. All the Elders are separated from their loved one to make it easier for them to hide..


MANYR is an Elder who is located on Kyr. She was small, but powerful with a full head of white hair who enjoys gardening..


Master Margos is Tamael's cousin also Lord Margos of the order of Nzaar, born to the Phoenix Rule.


MERLOT, Member of the Alliance and a friend of Tamael who happens to be the best at najar manipulation and demonstration, the more renowned Meji had been, the more secluded they had been. It was a luxury to reunite so many masters for this competition. Merlot was considered a hero to most of the young men. Merlot was an agile man that could bend as easily as the wheat in the field under the wind, he remained alert and flexible through the years.


MINEUS, Member of the Alliance and a friend of Tamael, the most accurate Archer. Mineus was younger than Ilsimar and Merlot, but he was a master of his art. Mineus was a strong athlete, muscular and ambidextrous, he won the beautiful painting of "the mermaid.

The Queen and the Royal Family


PALETIS, The Evil queen, filled by her thirst for power and greed, presently reigns with her second husband Tameris. She wanted to take over and amalgamate all the guilds. She searches for the Alliance to annihilate them and she is in need of a Healer. Because Paletis was a fairy with an inflated ego, she had visions, but they were often obscure and dark.


Tameris, He is the husband to Queen Paletis and father of Titlis


TITLIS , He administes all the water recycling plants. He's also Paletis' son

The imperial guard


ANELIS, A corporal in the imperial guard who believes in honor and duty, he fights corruption and crime on Os. Anelis was a good man, strong and also a member of the Aquatic sport played on Os.


ANIS, The imperial guard Killed by the famous pirates of Mitiryl.


BORIS, an imperial guard part of Anelis squadron.


Calene, an imperial guard.


Ethanus, The commodore of Paletis Fleet..


Faray, an imperial guard.


Gregoriel, an imperial guard.


IKLIS, The imperial guard Killed by the famous pirates of Mitiryl.


Maxnos, an imperial guard part.


TERIS, The imperial guard sole survivor from the pirates raid

Supporting Characters


Adrianne,Elaine's friend.


Albane,Farmer orphan on Kyr


Anilay, Designer for Amos. She's the sister of Anelis


Aphue, 10 years kid tormenting Raphael and Elaine on Essay


Biesa, young gypsy who just married Regma


CEO PRESIDENT of the Plants


Duene, a harm hand on Merdaine's farm.


Emilay, the second model for Amos. A student at the Art School with Tinay.


Eti, one of the viper's group. A student at the Art School with Tinay.


Gertay, member of the council on KYR.


Main leader of the gypsy.


Gypsy from Rawiye's tribe


Idahay,a friend of Tinay at the Art School


Jacobay, Albane's helper.


Lady Vizay, a teacher and administrator of the Art School where Tynay attends.


Nivday, the brother of Emilay. Captain of the Dolphin's Osmar team.


Payos, a young apprentice merchant on Os, a poet and artist at heart. A rebel with a cause


Old man Tangeay, Another teacher and administrator at the Art School that Tinay attends.


Pen, one of the viper's group. A student at the Art School with Tinay.


Pirne, a farm hand that works for Merdaine.


Qmray, a friend of Tinay at the Art School.


Rawiye, the leader of the Gypsie.


Regma, Gypsy male from the group of Rawyie


Sen, one of the viper's group. A student at the Art School with Tinay.


Sylve, Aphue's friend and bully.


tadros, a player on the Dolphin Osmar team. Emilay's friend.


Tyeray, a student at the Art School.


Vin, the leader of the vipers, also a student at the Art School.


XINAYRA, She's 21 yrs old sister of Tinay


Xugi, Xinayra's baby.


Zuk, one of the viper's group. A student at the Art School with Tinay.

Tinay's guides


BARBARA was a middle-aged woman, with a rounder body. Long brown hair rested on her shoulders. She wore pants and a T-shirt. Tinay had never seen a woman wear pants before, so this looked funny to her. , She's Tinay's guide for whatever relates to her Spiritual Growth.


Deirdre was blond with curly hair. She was curvy and wore longer shorts and a T-shirt with a collar. She was very bright and waved her hand gently. She's Tinay's guide for whatever relates to her mind.


JEANNE was a frail woman, with long hair in a bun. She wore a long dress with frills that Tinay had never seen before. She had an umbrella and a small purse, She's Tinay's guide for whatever relates to her body.


JEAN PIERRE, He was a lean fellow, with long hair and a beard. He was warm and friendly. He was also tall and imposing in a way. He's Tinay's guide for whatever relates to her Family Relationship.


Joynarae seemed older than the rest of them. She was about fifty, Tinay thought. She had a large belly, grey hair, and glasses. Her hair was curled in large rolls and surrounded her face, smoothing out the lines on her face making her look soft. She's Tinay's guide for whatever relates to her life purpose.


Julie is short with glasses on her head. She also had long, dark brown hair that rested on her shoulders, but she was petite compare to everyone else. She was neither lean nor fat, just well balanced. She wore a knee-high skirt and a blouse. She's Tinay's guide for whatever relates to her relationship.


MARY JEAN, She's the eldest of the group and has been an overseer for a few of your guides already.

The Pets

brownie, the faul.


Chesnut, the puppy that Raphael adopts.


DRACO, Tinay's pet and best friend, Draco is white, furry and had two grey lines of hair on his forehead that made him look like a dragon.


Ella, the mare that Raphael help with giving birth.


Pistachio, one of Merdaine's horse.


Maggy, one of Merdaine's horse.


SHERRY, Merdaine's Dog and best friend.