Earth Characters

EARTH Characters

Here you will find all Earth Characters from the first book and eventually everyone mentionned in the 7 books. Once you made your choice, you will find some biographical information, simply click on a picture and get started.

Mani's Family


MANI a.k.a. Verena Naguliar, Mani is the owner of the Unicorm book store. She's an old lady with long, white, straight but soft hair, braided on each side of her face. Her skin was still soft, but she had wrinkles around her mouth and eyes. Her body still moved softly, but she was no longer lean and slim. She had a little belly rounded off by four pregnancies. She was trying to hide it under a loose dress, but she knew better. She walked around in sandals and a veil usually covered her hair. She thought differently than most people. She felt they needed magic and needed to find a reason, a quest, for their everyday life, she dress uniquely and read to her mesmerized clients. She had a talent for keeping crowds hanging on her every word. She was a painter and loved to illustrate her stories. She is also the author of multiple series made from recording her story time session that she personalized with her illustration.


ALAYANA, Alayana, Mani's granddaughter, is tall 14 yrs old with luxurious brown hair that had a touch of red flaming through it. She was slender, muscular and loves sports. She hopes to take over the shop and story time.


Lyauria is Mani daughter, she's a beautiful woman. She is an excellent doctor and she remains caring and loving to her own children even though she was always so busy. She recently had Matthew and plans on moving her practice to the village after they renovate the old yellow house.


Matthew, lyauria's new Baby


Dasoei, Alayana's Brother.


Rowan, lyauria's Husband

Book Store clients


MARCUS, is 15yrs old, attends a private school and has been coming to Mani's store since he was a kid.


ANDREA (Marcus's mom), Coming to Mani's story time has always been her special time with Marcus.


John is 15 yrs old and new to story time.


BRETT, he's 12yrs old and this is his first time, He is friend with john


Mariella, Brett's mom


JEREMYAH GOZETAR, He's a foreign student, 17 yrs old, son of a military family he has stayed all over the world. Presently his family, one brother and two step-brothers, are living in Germany with his parents and he had planned to visit them at Christmas after spending his semester studying in Peru where he is being mentored by Andremar while he attends the academy. He's staying at the bed-and-breakfast, the Blue Cauldron for the summer; he works at the clothing store. He wants to be an anthropologist.


ANDREMAR NAGULIAR, Mani's brother is still teaching private sessions and mentors the student at the Peru academy.



He owns the clothing store where Jeremyah works.


Dr.ZOLA, Retiring doctor from the village.


Onelusi, owner of the bed and breakfast the Blue Cauldron


Amy 17yrs old, Amelys' sister


Amelys, 15yrs old and Amy's sister

Loyal companions


HOWLER, He's a cross between a Samoyed and a terrier. He's very obedient and loyal companion.


KINTUT, He's a cross between a Samoyed and a terrier. He's very obedient and loyal companion.He's brown and white one