• Tinay Amos Island
    This is the island where Amos resides
    with his wife, and child. The entire Island
    is his and the only visible building
    is the light house helping to guide to boat to safety.
    The house is situated at the highhest point
    in the middle of the forest.
  • OS
    The second book takes place on planet Os.
    A planet mostly covered with water and a
    large number of mountainous island
    a few inlet serve for the commerce
    exchange, but most island are unhabited.
  • Beach View
    The view that inspired the next book cover
    where Tinay will first see in her reflection
    a mermaid. the place where she goes to
    get away from the refuge cave.
  • mountain side
    although the aspect of the planet looks
    calm it does have monsoon season which
    gives time for the merchant to go and get
    merchandise, deliver and meet new clients
    although they will eventually converge back
    very few have any desire to live here.

Welcome to Tinay's Website

WE are rebuilding this entire site. with new materials to go along with the new book :The Artist. the third installment in the series


The new website is filled with drawing that I made over the past 2 years. The site also contains images that my brother André ROY took in his travels. He's got an amzing eye and I am proud to display some of his work here. So , a BIG thank you to you my brother!!


The books will be available in stores or through your favorite web shopping channel such as Amazon. The book is presently being designed and painted and will posted soon, meanwhile you can enjoy learning more about the book and have a look at pictures that inspired some scenes in the book.

Latest News

April 18th, 2015 at noon

Teaching workshop at the Body Soul Spirit Expo!

You can take one of my workshop while I am at the Expo, Chakra Contract Renewal Before we are born, we sign a life contract with multiple souls who are teaching us during our time on earth of basic learning foundation. This Workshop allows you to learn who the teachers are, their lessons, a realignment of the charka contracts and the ability to choose new teachers and rewrite the original contract so you can learn with ease and grace.. purchase your tickets here: http://bodysoulspiritexpo.com/tickets/Sonya_roy_chakra_contract_renewal_workshop.htm

September 30th 2014

Twitter is on!!

As promised, I now have a twitter account @RoySonyaroy I'm still learning and won't have much to begin with but it too shall come, that or I'll hire an assistant!