About Sonya Roy

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Sonya Roy was born in 1972 in St-Constant, Quebec, to a family of eight children. She developed a joy for reading and specially fantasy and science fiction. She attended the University of Montreal and got a psychology degree, and she worked as a policewoman for the past seventeen years. With her head filled with legends and superb stories like Oliver, Sherlock Holmes, The Lord of the rings amongst her favorites she started to write her own stories. Her severe insomnia greatly contributed to alleviating her writer's block, as she writes her story by day dreaming them for years before putting them down to paper. She wrote the first book of this series, The Initiation, published in 2008. The Apprentice is now available. Over the past twenty-five years, she developed my gifts as a medium, master holistic healer, and shamanic practitioner to heal those around me. Now, she teaches and share her knowledge with the world through workshop, conference at her REDU Wellness Center.

She built this site with the help of you tube video from Timothy who is an incredible teacher, many thanks. Because She does everything on her own, it's taken quite a while to get everything done, and yes it's weird talking about myself in the third person.