Tinay the warrior princess is a series build on the ideology that Atlantis survivor escaped through space and esgablish a colony on different planets. When they rebuilt their civilization they first establish themselves on Sasgorg, but their planet did not survive them and they eventually spread on 7 separate planets. Tinay will travel to those different worlds but here is a sneak peak.



The first planet the colony resided on once they first settled into space.Sasgorg is a desert planet where the sand was white and the rock was black. The sky took on shades of deep purple at night and transformed into a light lilac during the day. There were five mountains Ecumel, Landel, Zuel, Ardel. Ardel was the tallest peak of them all. Its black rock was shattered, jagged and dangerous to climb, but at its peak was where the most beautiful sunrise could be seen. Finally, Galgamel a majestic volcano. There was not very much growing outside on the planet, but some very resilient plants grew on the mountains, and inside the caves of Zuel were the most fantastic arrangements of plants and flowers. There were few travelers in this far region of space. The main source of water is now located underground through old tunnels, and under ground lakes. Extremly hot and aride during the night, freakishly cold at night, this planet had nothing left to offer to the colony who relocated to several other planets. 22 hours a day, 398.5 days a year


OS "of water" in atlantian

The Merchant's planet

Os is mostly made of water, it houses Port Osmos, a place of commerce and although they do travel to meet new client and develop new business ventures, this is where they like to spend the summer months. Os, a mild-tempered planet covered mostly by water. Many islands remained unexplored and still had wild forests growing on them. The guild of merchants inhabited very little of the planet, preferring to stay close to the ports to negotiate deals and exchanges. The planet does come to a halt during monsoon seasons, but it is usually when merchants will deliver their orders and collect more. The planet covered in storm cloud and is practically unliveable for a few months of the year, still it remains the favorite of the merchants. Probably reminds them of their ancestors sailing the seas in days of old. Os had their Guild Sport, custom, attire and loose morals. The beach and the heat making it easy to wear little clothes and somehow enhance sex drives. .


Essay " E of earth" in atlantian

The Farmer's planet

The planet Essay was fertile and was found to have the best soil of all the planets visited. The farmer's guild relocated there. Essay consists of farms, mountainous terrain and has the longest days in the empire. It houses the Farming schools and although they do travel, and cultivate on almost all the planets, each farmer starts here.

The planet does come to a halt during Winter season, a most deserved rest for most although cattle still requires care, the farmers finally have time for hunting, family life and music.

Essay had their Guild Sport, their attire functional and display traditional morals. Farmers like miners have a hard life. It takes 30 hours for the planet to rotate on its axis ( Atlanti time)the day is usually divided 16 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep, 6 hours of extra, 438.33 days to rotate, 1.5 year on earth


EL "under the earth" in atlantian

The Miner's planet

The planet El was not a beautiful planet by any means It was just a series of mine shafts and deep caves. Everything that could be excavated had been, the mines are now abandoned. There were a few colonies dispersed on the planet, but most of the miners had moved on to distant star systems or they mine asteroid and everything else they can get their hands on. El is in an isolated system with plenty of moons. El is grassy with a few trees, no real mountains populated El, mostly just hills and lakes. Miners who stayed behind, preferred the height of the trees then the simple life of the level earth. Some say it's because of the creatures that roam the earth, others because after being deprived of the stars they wanted to live as close to them as possible. It was a quiet planet with very little traffic except once every two years when the miners got together and reunited under a single banner to celebrate their craft with trading carnivals and fairs. 36 hours from Essay


IS "of order" in atlantian

The Administrator's planet

Is has a mountainous terrain with vales and lakes, it houses the administrator who became important in the past to distribute the goods and see to the care of all colonies especially after they started to live on different planets. The building are spacious, usually built high and selectively on the most attractive areas, climates or sources of pleasures like beaches and ski hills. The planet does have a variety of climate. The Capital is the Metropole and it also houses Paletis residence a large structured flanked by a mountain and a ravine with numerous jail cell. 18 hours a day and a rotation is exactly 487 days


US "of knowledge" in atlantian

The Engeneer's planet

Us is a planet covered with research center, school, librairies and labotories.

The planet does house a copy of all the books, scripts and essay in the entire colony.

Us does not have a sport per say since they prefer to exercise their "mind" muscle.


Kyr "of Beauty" in atlantian

The Artisan's planet

Kyr is a beautiful temperate planet full of resources lived the Artisans, with forest and ample raw material. The planet who is quiet and lovely houses many retirees of several of the guilds. The houses vary from single units to several combined together.

The planet is the most beautiful and favored by artist. the houses are colorful, highly decorated and houses an aged population that lives at peace. Kyr houses the artisan's Guild Sport. But from the beach and their sand cultures to the mountains with their statues, engravings and snow/ice statues and the forest that provides more raw material for them to create with, the planet has no undiscovered or unexplored areas. There's always someone around the river bend.



The lost planet of ARA

The Order established itself on a planet that used to be called Ara. The Meji temple is located in the capital. Also co-inhabiting with them were the fairies, joining their gifts for the greater good. The planet was renamed by Paletis after she defeated the Meji.

The planet was very central to the multitude of system of the colony and is still in use. It is a sleeping planet with no purpose other then its location turned it into a meeting and gathering place with small shops and markets.